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“International Journal of Information Dissemination and Technology” (IJIDT) is a Quarterly Peer-Reviewed (Refereed/Juried) Journal for Information Scientists & Professionals. The contention behind introducing this journal is to transpire the models and methods pertinent to generate, manage and disseminate the information and knowledge suitable to the requirement and need of the Mentors, Professionals, Researchers and Information Scientists. It will be an excellent document to fulfill the academic needs of professionals on all fronts because of its distinctive and magnificent research articles contributed by the renowned luminaries and distinguished intellectuals who are connoisseurs of National and International repute.
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Posted: 2013-10-31
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Vol 4, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Regular Articles

Myth and Reality of the Google Search Results in Terms of Count Estimation ABSTRACT | PDF
Fayaz Ahmad Loan Syed Reyaz Rufai 101-105
Radical Shift from OPAC to Federated Search Engine in Language Diversified Community ABSTRACT | PDF
Miteshkumar Pandya 106-109
The SRELS Journal of Information Management (2000-2009): A Bibliometric Study ABSTRACT | PDF
K. R. Mulla, M Dhanamjaya 110-116
RFID and It's Use in Libraries: A Literature Review ABSTRACT | PDF
Neeraj Kumar Singh and Preeti Mahajan 117-123
Socio-economic Impact of Information and Communication Technology: A Case Study of Kerala Marine Fisheries Sector ABSTRACT | PDF
Sabu M, Shaijumon C S 124-129
Information Seeking Behavior of B-School Faculty Members in Digital Environment: A Case Study ABSTRACT | PDF
Sadanand Y. Bansode, Bipin Nargide 130-134
Information Needs of the Farmers in Madhya Pradesh: A Study Ashish Kumar Sharma ABSTRACT | PDF
Ashish Kumar Sharma 135-140
Research Output of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) During 2001-2010: A Bibliometric Analysis ABSTRACT | PDF
Neeraj Kumar Chaurasia, Shankar B. Chavan 141-147
Collaborative Tagging in Digital Libraries ABSTRACT | PDF
Parul Zaveri and Mukta Atkekar 148-154
Contemporary Issues and Challenges of Librarianship: Is Marketing Capable to Run the Show ABSTRACT | PDF
Amit Kumar, R.K. Bhatt 155-158
A Survey of Students Approach Towards Reading Skills: Prospects Issues and Challenges ABSTRACT | PDF
P. S. Rajput 159-162
Library Satisfaction Survey of the Students and Faculty Members of Bharatesh's Global Business School, Belgaum, Karnataka: A User Study ABSTRACT | PDF
Bharat B. Alasandi, Vinayak Bankapur 163-167
Evaluation of Research Performance Using Journal Citations of University of Hyderabad: A Case Study ABSTRACT | PDF
V. Uma* and M. Koteswara Rao 168-172
Information Science in Indian Scenario with Reference to Possibilities of Proposed MTech (Information Science): Lets Welcome Future Programme of Indian I-School ABSTRACT | PDF
Prantosh Kumar Paul 173-178
Accessing Internet Usage for Education and Learning by Dental vs Technical Students ABSTRACT | PDF
Mamta Malik*, Rahul Jain Rajesh Vyas***, Ravinder Singh Sanjeev Laller 179-182
Information Resources Management of Print Media Libraries of Chandigarh, Delhi and Punjab: A Study ABSTRACT | PDF
Parveen Kumar and Preeti Mahajan 183-186
Use of e-Journals and their Value for the Biological Sciences Academic Community of the University of Mysore: A Study ABSTRACT | PDF
Khaiser Nikam*, Sathisha A.N Ashok Kumar 187-191
Scientometric Analysis of the Growth of Journal of Signal Processing and Systems ABSTRACT | PDF
P Panneerselvam, A. Chitra Dhavaputhalvi 192-196
Rejuvenate the Public Library as Community Information Centre: A Case Study of District Central Library, Dharwad ABSTRACT | PDF
Manohar B. Lamani*, Anil B. Talawar B.D. Kumbar 197-200

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