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Current Issue : Vol 8, No 4 (2018)

The paper examines quality and quantity of scientific research in India as reflected in publications output on grid computing on a series of bibliometric indicators. Data were extracted from Scopus database consisting of 1340 publications in grid computing research from India in 10 years during 2008-17 citation impact of 4.33 citations per paper and international collaborative publication share of 12.16%. The paper profiles global publication output and share of 10 most productive countries in grid computing research, 15 most productive Indian organizations and 15 most productive authors on a series of indicators including publications output, number of citations, the relative citation index, citations per paper, h-index and share of international collaborative papers during 2008-17. Computer science, among top 3 subjects, accounted for the largest publication share (90.15%), followed by engineering (26.79%) and mathematics (13.66%). The 15 most leading organizations and authors together contributed 31.57% and 14.25% as their share of Indian publication output and 44.93% and 16.17% as their share of Indian citation output respectively during 2008-17. The most productive Indian organizations were Anna University, Chennai (74 papers) and Thapar University, Patiala (48 papers) The most productive authors were I. Chana of Thapar University, Patiala (21 papers) and N. Mukherjee of Jadavpur University, Kolkata (18 papers). The 15 most productive journals contributed 43.92% share to the Indian journal publication output during 2008-17.  The most productive journals were Applied Engineering Research (16 publications), Journal of Grid Computing (14 publications) and Future Generation Computer Systems (13 publications)

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Regular Articles

Prabhat Ranjan, SuryaNath Singh
Sureni Weerasinghe
B.M. Gupta, Faizul Nisha, Rajpal Walke, Ashok Kumar
Jyotshna Sahoo, Bharati Pati
KN Shivakumaraswamy
Sadaf Fatma, Naved Ahmad
Sarojadevi. K, Padmamma. S, R.H. Walmiki
Babita Garg, SuryaNath Singh
Sonia Bansal
Shiv Charan Kumar