Comparative Performance Evaluation of Six Haryana State Universities in S&T Research: A bibliometric study 2006-15.

S M Dhawan, B M Gupta, Ashok Kumar, Jivesh Bansal, Ritu Gupta


Six selected state universities of Haryana were inter-compared for their research performance in science & technology, using publications data drawn from SCOPUS database covering the period 2006-15. The status and performance of six select Haryana state universities in S&T research, as seen from a series of bibliometric indicators, has been found to be weak and far behind the overall performance of India and Haryana state in the university sector. The selected Haryana six universities group registered 6.87% growth, and accounted for 0.81% national share, 31.87% state share, and 10.2%   share of international collaborative papers. The six universities group needs to build and improve their academic and research potential significantly in case it aspires to come at par with others in higher education sector in the country. The Haryana state should encourage its universities to participate and contribute aggressively to S&T research, establish globalized environment of higher education as well as reveal competitive nature of their research.

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