A Scientometric Analysis of International Journal of Information Dissemination and Technology (IJIDT) During 2011-2015

Govinda Raju N


This paper provides a critical analysis of 260 research articles published in International Journal of Information Dissemination and Technology (IJIDT) during the last five years (2011-2015). The data of publications were sourced from online database. The data provide different parameters including year wise distribution, subject wise distribution, issue wise distribution, average citations per article and length of the article. The findings reveal that all the research papers (260) were published in IJIDT journal during the period of study; it is also observed that maximum number of articles were published in the year 2015. The research articles appended to IJIDT journal have been scattered among 23 subjects. The highest numbers of publications fall under the broad field ‘User Survey’ followed by ‘Bibliometrics’ and ‘Management’ in the second and third positions, the average citation per paper is 12.33, averaged h-index of 12.5 and  the averaged share of international collaborative publications is 8.68%. Single authored papers were found maximum in number. The findings reveal that in the field of Library and Information Science as whole collaborative papers are identified more in number. The increasing trend in the multi-authored papers indicates growing inter-disciplinary nature of the discipline “Library and Information Science”. Among multiple author’s papers, it is observed that papers by two authors are more in number as compared to those by more than two authors. These findings reiterate the findings of the earlier studies on authorship pattern in LIS literature. The highest length of the article is 12 pages and the lowest length is 2 pages only, and also observed the maximum citations covered in paper is 81 and minimum is 3 citations during the study period.

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