Status quo of polytechnic institute libraries in Assam: Problems and prospects

Pranjit Kumar Thakuria


This study attempts to assess the present situation of the polytechnic institute libraries in Assam. The Libraries are basically rendering services in traditional mode. The study examines the present status of fund allocation, manpower status, collection development, services, and infrastructure. It is found that major hindrance to the execution of their strategies and policies has been that of financial constraints. The data as well as information collected may not represent a real picture of the surveyed libraries in some cases because the real data only could be expected, cannot be complied. Suggestions based on survey have been provided for possible reforms and sustainable growth of these libraries. Scope of the study is to find out ways to introduce quality service in these libraries in Assam. A proper evaluation and appropriate actions for all round development of these libraries is time’s appeal in today’s fast changing ICT environment, and the concerned Government authority should come forward.

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