Analysis of Scopus indexed publications over State Government Universities of Odisha

Manoj Mishra


This study is to analyze the data regarding the number of publications of the universities administered and funded by Government of Odisha during the period from 2000 to 2015 and indexed in SCOPUS database. The paper describes the growth, contribution and impact of research carried out by the faculty members, researchers and students of these Universities. Here is an attempt to analyze the detail research activity of the universities which are reflected in publications output covered by SCOPUS database during the period of study. The study assumes to examine the content of papers published, including the annual average growth rate percentage, organizational affiliation of papers with the geographical distribution and author’s affiliation to different academic institutions. Using t test, λ2 and ANOVA analysis, the authors measure the relationships, if they existed with reference to the Bradford’s law of scattering and other parameters.

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