Data modeling for web-based mobile tracking system of internally displaced person during conflict

Wan Rozaini Sheik Osman


The issue of displaced families in the last two decades has become major in many countries due to the increase of natural disasters, armed conflicts or terrorist attacks. It presents great challenges to governments as well as the agencies which manage them. Many agencies reported the difficulty of providing relief to these families because they cannot be tracked after they registered in shelters or camps. It is due to random movement of the families, or the camps are exposed to natural disasters or armed attacks. This study proposes a requirement model for an internally displaced person (IDP) based on online interviews with experts from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Government Officials who worked in direct contact with the displaced families. The requirements were used to develop a web-based mobile application to track, locate, document and verify IDP. An evaluation was conducted to measure the usability of the mobile application. The result of the evaluation suggested that the mobile application is relevant and suitable for tracking IDP. The main contribution of this study is the requirements for a mobile application that is designed specifically to track IDP.

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