Doctoral dissertations awarded in education in India: A study (2010-2014)

Meenakshi Kaul, Ramesh Pandita


The study seeks to examine the doctoral dissertations awarded in the field of education in India during 2010-14. The study primarily aims at assessing the trend of doctoral research undertaken across the length and breadth of India in education. The data for the present study was compiled from the bibliography of doctoral dissertations, published by the Association of Indian Universities in the field of Social Sciences, for the years 2010 to 2014 individually. The study revealed that, in all 983 doctoral degrees were awarded in the subject discipline of education in India during the period of study, at an average of 196.60 doctoral degrees each year. A total of 5788 doctoral degrees were awarded in the field of Social Sciences during 2010 to 2014, out of, which 983 (16.98%) were awarded in education, which is the highest among all the subject disciplines in social sciences. Of the awarded degree, 177 (18%) were awarded alone from Gujarat.

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