A bibliometric study of world research output on e-resources during 2006-2016

Anita Chhatwal


A bibliometric study is generally used to measure the literature output on any given subject. Bibliometric analysis use data on numbers and authors of scientific publications and on articles and the citations therein (and in patents) to measure the “output” of individuals/research teams, institutions, and countries, to identify national and international networks, and to map the development of new (multi-disciplinary) fields. Similar approach has been adopted in this paper to identify the global literature output on e-resources. The research data used for the study has been retrieved from ‘Scopus’ database source. The study in hand attempts to identify the bibliometric characteristics of the research publications from Scopus database during the study period 2006-2016 (11 years). A total of 137051 publications have been identified. Bibliometric techniques have been used to analyse the data. The collected data was classified by using Excel Spreadsheet. The results show that the total publication output (137051) shows a stable trend in citation on yearly basis, the articles (56.8%) are the most prominent publications, and the most prolific author is Bates, D.W with 159 articles and Denny, J.C. with 96 publications. The most productive institution is V.A. Medical Centre which produced 1349 publications, followed by University of Toronto which produced 1006 publications. ‘Journal of The American Chemical Society’ is highly productive journal with 2362 (1.72%) publications. United States of America tops the list of countries with publication output being 43121 (31.46%) publications. The majority of the e-resource publications are produced by the subject of Medicine with 43.3% publication output.


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