A Scopus Based Study on Qualitative and Quantitative Research Output in the Area of Information Seeking Behavior

Mohd Akhter


The present paper provides a Scopus based quantitative and  qualitative analysis of research output in the area of ‘information seeking behaviour’. Researcher searched the Scopus database by using the term ‘information seeking behaviour’ in the articles titles. The end result of the search provided the researcher with 861 articles. The data related to these 861 articles were downloaded under the headings like year-wise distribution of the articles, article authors, source title, country-wise distribution of the articles, language of the articles and citations for the articles. Results of the study revealed that research output in the area of information seeking behaviour has been increasing with every passing decade. The present study will  be of great help to the researchers in identifying the core journals and research papers in the area of information seeking behaviour.

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