Supply Chain Management Research in India: A Quantitative & Qualitative Assessment of Publication Output during 2006-15

Anurag Saxena, B.M. Gupta


The present study looks at 912 publications from India on supply chain management as covered in Scopus database during 2006-15. The study reported an annual average growth rate of 11.74% for publications and citation impact of 9.34 citations per paper. The global publications on supply change management came from several countries, of which the top 10 accounted for 80.28% of global publication share during 2006-15. A total of 225 organizations and 304 authors participated in Indian research on supply chain management during 2006-15. The top 25 organizations contributed 53.62% publications share and accounted for 56.75% citations share. The top 25 authors contributed 36.69% publications share and accounted for 74.13% citation share. China is the world leader in research output on supply chain management, followed by USA, etc. The top 20 journals accounted for 52.98% share of the journal output. The top 20 highly cited papers varied from 61 to 829 citations per paper, and together these papers accounted for 3058 citations, resulting in the average at 278 citations per paper.  Based on existing studies, the authors recommend accelerating the pace of research on this subject. The results of this scientometric analysis has facilitated in identification of the research direction of supply chain management research in India and has thus presented a valuable tool for researchers to access the literature in this area.

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