Impact of ICT facility on student’s academic performance in Jimma University, Ethiopia

Genet Alemayehu, Munusamy Natarajan


In the present age, information and communication technology (ICT) plays a central role in the development of modern economies and societies by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development1. Today’s students integrate technology into all aspects of their lives for multiple purposes particularly learning, socializing, entertaining and shopping Asselin, Moayeri as well as doing homework2. This research has been conducted on the impact of ICT facility on student’s academic performance in Jimma University College of Natural Sciences in 2009.  The aim of this study was to find out the difference between the uses and non-use of ICT and find out the existing gaps in their academic performance. Cross-sectional survey method was used and from the total population of 1155, by using simple random sampling the researcher reduced to 230 and did the study. The researcher used different methods of data collection like observation, questionnaire and interview. The researcher interviewed 21 respondents and questionnaires were distributed to 209, wherein 184 (88%) have responded. The collected data was analyzed using SPSS software and MS Excel. The result of the study indicated that most students have searching skills, they have very good satisfaction with preparing power points, searching materials and search sample question papers by using ICT. Based on the findings most of the students were using the computer as sources of ICT services and the accessibility to the internet was good. The researcher recommended the ICT center, accessibility and usability of ICT must increase with more number of professionals to teach the students for better accessing and searching. 

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