Digital resources management: The role of the National Digital Library

Bedadyuti Sahoo, Ashok Kumar, Sapna Goel


ICT has changed the traditional concept of the library. The role of the digital library in collecting varied resources has given a new dimension in the library services. Adding to this concept, the major role of the National Digital Library of India in collecting the digital resources and providing them through a single window system is a remarkable achievement. It is helpful in the teaching-learning process and promotes research and development. Now-a-day, Libraries are more powerful, dynamic and reach before the users easily without any geographical restrictions. Libraries are fast moving in this Internet era from the manual mode of action to digital access. In this direction, the use of communication technologies has redesigned the library services to the borderless world and has become the lifeblood for the users’ community. In this context, the aim of this paper is to establish the importance and different roles of the national digital library in preserving and disseminating the digital resources for the academic excellence and research growth.

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