Library use by biomedical scientists in India in digital era

Prabhat Ranjan, SuryaNath Singh


The present paper discusses the current status of biomedical research libraries in India and their perceived importance as reading places and subscription sources of information. Total 1013 scientists of 51 institutes under two central ministries i.e. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and Ministry of Science & Technology were taken under study. Total 313 questionnaires were considered useful to the study. It was found that libraries are important to the scientists and 43% of them visit the library at least once a week. Libraries are useful as a subscription source of information. The main obstruction in visiting the libraries were the online resources available as open and closed access. Poor library services and resources were found obstruction for 10.3% of respondents. Electronic format was used more than print format by a larger number of biomedical scientists. It is suggested to improve the IT skills of library staffs and to increase online services to library users

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