A study to measure the impact of quality work life on job professionals.

Babita Garg, SuryaNath Singh


For the full and complete enjoyment of life, it is necessary to keep a check on its quality. Work life accounts for an average of one-third of adult life. An analysis, thus, on the quality of work life is essential to ensure happiness and contentment at the workplace. A good work life encourages job satisfaction among the employees, which results in several benefits for the employer company, namely a boost in productivity and job loyalty, amid others. The present paper takes a look at the significance of assessing the quality of work life among employees, and its correlation with job satisfaction between them. The paper analyses this relationship in the field of Library and Information Science professionals in India, and determines factors that enable or accentuate the connection between them, namely job assignment, financial rewards and benefits, healthy working conditions and work allocation. It supports the relationship between quality of work life and job satisfaction level through findings from a survey conducted between the professionals belonging to the field of Library and Information sciences.

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