Measuring Information Quality: Concerns on the Use of Bibliometric Studies

Ali Amour El-Maamiry, Mohammad Abid Ghauri


Bibliometrics is the set of mathematical and statistical methods used to measure and 1 analyse the quality of books, articles and other forms publications . There are three types of bibliometric indicators that are used to measure the quality of the work: Structural indicators, which measure the connection between author, publication and area of research, quality indicators, which measure the quality of researcher's output,
and Quantity indicators, which measure productivity of a particular research. This paper provides an overview of currently used indicators to measure the quality of information and summerises the critical elements that caution evaluator of the quality of information. Bibliometric method of measuring quality of information is inappropriate and can easily verestimate the researchers' performance based on the
structural indicators and quantity indicators while ignoring the quality of researcher's output. Hybrid of traditional bibliometric method and full text mining model should be used. There is a need of information professionals to act beyond the bibliometrics in providing services.

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