Virtual Learning Environment with Open Source Software: MOODLE

Dipti Arora, Shalini Lihitkar, Projes Roy


Virtual learning environment became very popular in the present learning environment. Not only higher education institutes, rather small institutes are also adopting it to facilitate their students. Present paper is in effort made by a small study centre run by IGNOU to create such learning environment. Open source software, i.e. MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) was used for the present study. The software was customized as per the requirements, especially considering a distance education mode institute, tested it by uploading information/ data including grades, assignments, students profile, etc. for the present study. The students of the centre were acquainted with the practicalities of the MOODLE. This article endeavors to discuss the experiences of the administrator, teachers and also
the ultimate users with the present study.

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