Information Ethics in the Age of Information and Communication Technology

Narender Kumar Chauhan, Sudhir Narayan Singh


Even though there are noticeable and visible boom in the information industry and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) but the quality of materials and effective mobilization of both are continuing to be a nagging concern. Ethics of information and ICT both are very important in 21st century for growing up along with the economic and social development of the nation concern and human civilization. In the modern era of ethical hacking persons of generation 'Z' bother least with regards to the ethical concerns while they believe in getting their work done whether by hook or crook. Information and Technology both are inter-related just like
pestle and mortar. So information and technology infrastructure both are the backbone of any developed and developing country which in turn ensures progress and provides valuable balance and future perspective. This study elicits extensively
and attempts to address the ailing concerns of the information ethics and trust deficit.

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