Use of Biomedical Information Centres & Libraries in India in Digital Era

Prabhat Ranjan, Surya Nath Singh


The present paper is centred on status of biomedical Information Centres & Libraries (ICLs) in India in modern digital era when application of ICTs has changed the structure of information resources as well as library services. The use of Internet and existence of information in clouds has changed the information search and access by people. Availability of less research works on the specified subject, users need a study to support the library professionals in the field. The study is based on a changed due to survey at 95% confidence level and 5% confidence interval. Questionnaire has been used as a tool to collect the data and Microsoft Excel used for data analysis. Libraries visits were found moderate by respondents, but it stand an important place for getting information and reading by users. Availability of information online everywhere has minimised the visits to the biomedical libraries for most of the users. Poor library resources and services prove obstruction to visits to libraries in very few incidents. Libraries were found largest subscription sources for both printed and electronic than subscriptions by own or colleagues/friends.

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