Retail Informatics: Basics and emerging scenario with special reference to Design and Development of Proposed MSc-Information Science (Retail Informatics) in Indian Scenario

P K Paul, A Bhuimali, D Chatterjee


Informatics is one of the important name in the field of Applied Science. Informatics is actually nothing but the collection, selection, organization, processing, management and dissemination of information with the help of techniques and technologies. Popularlymechanism towards information processing and management is called Informatics. Informatics is subject based depending upon knowledge cluster; Informatics may attach or associate with other domain like Informatics and Medical Science creates the domain Medical Informatics. Like this, integration and affiliation of Informatics and Retail Management creates another domain called Retail Informatics. This paper talks about Retail Informatics (RI); its aim and objective, features and characteristics and so on. Retail Informaticsspecialized MSc-Information Science curriculum, is also proposed in this paper for further development of the domain.

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