Information Seeking Behaviour of Library users of Veterinary College, Proddatur: A study

K Kumar, Z Naveen


A study was conducted to assess the Information Seeking Behaviour among the teaching faculty of College of Veterinary Science, Proddatur, Andhra Pradesh. The data collected using a questionnaire from 45 out of 60 faculty members.The respondents included Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors. The results obtained from questionnaire were statistically analyzedusing chi-square test. The findings indicate thatprinted form of information is preferred more compared to E-resource of information. The main purpose of seeking information among the teaching staff is to update their subject knowledge. Most of the teaching faculty had a daily frequency of information resource usage. A good number of the staff gave two options regarding location for accessing the information resources viz., at home and at college library. Majority of the respondents opined that E-resource is the easy source of information. Obtaining information from internet seems to be the most common method of seeking information. The level of satisfaction for both printed form and electronic form is satisfactory for greater part of teaching faculty.The main constraint of information seeking behaviour, as faced by mainstream of respondents is the lack of adequate library infrastructure in the college. The teaching staff unanimously indicated that E-resource is the overall best suited form of information.

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