Websites of Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh: A webometric study.

O Seshaiah, R V Rekha


Many studies conducted on webometrics, in particular on the impact of websites and the web impact factor. This paper analyse the engineering colleges websites in Andhra Pradesh according to some common webometrics indicators. It examines and explores 277 engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh and identifies the number of web pages and link pages, and calculates their Simple Web Impact Factor (SWIF), Self-Link Web Impact Factor (SLWIF), External Web Impact Factor (EWIF) and Revised Web Impact Factor (RWIF). The websites were then ranked based on these Web Impact Factors. This study was conducted from July 2014 to January 2015 using Google search engine, Backlink watch and webmaster world.The results of the study showthat engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh had little impact on the web. It is indicated thatthe backlink pages were very low.

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