Variables of Job Satisfaction: A review study with special reference to LIS Professionals

Ramesh Pandita, J Domnic


It is an accepted fact that the variables, which lead to job satisfaction among one group of employees are the ones, which lead to job dissatisfaction among another group of employees. If an employee shows satisfaction with one component and dissatisfaction with another component, does not necessarily mean that an employee is satisfied or dissatisfied with his/her job. Similarly, dissatisfaction at various accounts does not necessarily mean an employee is dissatisfied, as one single satisfaction component may supersede the other components of dissatisfaction. In the undergoing discussion attempt has been made to review different variables of job satisfaction, having varying degree of importance and leading job satisfaction & dissatisfaction among each individual employee to a varying degree. An attempt has also been made to correlate some of the studies conducted among the LIS professionals to assess their levels of job satisfaction. Some of the common variables reviewed here under include, Age, Salary, Work Environment, Recognition, Interpersonal relationship, etc. Apart from these, there are various other variables which contribute to the job satisfaction or dissatisfaction. "  

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