Significance of Libraries in Indian Education Policies

Gopal Mohan Shukla, R.P. Bajpai


Education policy is a very important government policy document to promote basic to higher-level education in the whole country. The government of India has implemented two education policies yet now. The central government has announced his latest third education policy 2020 recently for implementation. This education policy is the first complete policy of the present 21st century, which has replaced the previous policy after 34 years. Under this article country's all three education policies have been deeply analysed in special reference to libraries. The article provides consolidated information on all three Indian education policies and their recommendations in special reference to libraries. This analytical approach provides useful insights into the positivity and drawback of education policies. Given the country's present expectations realistic suggestions and recommendations have been made for the development of a community-oriented library system. This article will provide useful insight and significant outlines to library professionals, educationalists, planners, and policymakers that how the country's libraries can be made more vibrant through new education policy.

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