Green Computing: A Study of Perception, Approach, and Acceptance among Faculty Members and Students of Galgotias University, Greater Noida

Vertika Bansal, M.T.M. Khan


Green computing is a principal technology which has an assorted interest like lessens greenhouse gas excretion, design superior corporate icon, curtailed electricity expenditure, etc. This inspection is a strive to discover the perception and approach executed by the faculty members and students towards green computing. This investigation explores the acknowledgment of budding generation bothering about green computing exercises and to pinpoint the rationale, obstacles and their outlook regarding information technology. The current review has been made by evaluating the faculty members and students at Galgotias University, Greater Noida, by using the questionnaire and random sampling techniques as tools. After the study, some recommendations have been given, which could boost the adoption of green computing in budding age group and reduce the adverse effect on the environment. Academic libraries are the heart of any academic institution and perform a crucial role in research, learning and teaching actions for academic society. Information professionals take actions to generate perception and endorse Green computing adequately and productively among academic societies and thus conserve the worldwide environment by providing the conclusive environment to society for improved living.

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