User Satisfaction Survey with Library Infrastructure: A Study of Pune Engineering Colleges, (India)

Shakuntala P. Gudi, P. M. Paradkar


This paper focused on the measurement of satisfaction level of students and faculty members with library infrastructure provided by engineering colleges of Pune. A total 660 questionnaires were distributed among students and faculty members of engineering colleges to collect relevant data. 77.12% (509) questionnaires were received back. It was found that users are satisfied with seating arrangement, library furniture, lighting and ventilation, library cleanliness, library rules, generator facility, drinking water facility. Comparatively, respondents are less satisfied with the library group discussion hall and suggestion box facilities. It is required to point out and improve these infrastructural aspects. It is sensed that Pune city engineering college libraries need to provide Wi-Fi facility and to increase the number computers at libraries as respondents expressed these as their concrete needs.

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