A Scientometrics Analysis Of “Flavour And Fragrance Journal” Indexed In Scopus during 2000-2019

Ghouse Modin N. Mamdapur, Gururaj S. Hadagali, Manoj Kumar Verma, Manjunath D. Kaddipujar


The main aim of this study is to analyse the publication pattern of the Flavours and Fragrance Journal (FFJ) published between 2000 and 2019 indexed in Scopus International database. The data was collected using the ISSN of the journal. The authors examined various Scientometrics indicators such as Relative Growth Rate (RGR), Doubling Time (Dt.), Annual Growth Rate (AGR), Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), Lotka’s Law of Scientific Productivity, Authorship pattern especially Collaborative Co-efficient, Modified Collaborative Co-efficient, Collaborative Index along with other basic indicators. The results of the study indicate that the research published in FFJ has increased over some time; CAGR of the journal is below 5.0% growth rate for all years, except 2005 (5.77 CAGR); there were 1466 (96.98%) multiple-authored research papers published in the journal compared to 45 (3.02%) single-authored research papers; among the productive institutions, the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Lucknow has published the highest publications (152); 106 countries have contributed to the FFJ. France has emerged as a major contributor with 224 publications, followed by Italy (138) and India (118) respectively and the highest frequency keyword used by the authors was "essential oil” with 329 publications.

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