Sustainability Development of Green Libraries and Its Features, Importance, and Standards

Ravi Shukla, Akriti Sharma, Meghabat Singh


The formation of green library is proceeding towards a turning point, giving rise to the green library movement comprising of libraries, librarians, towns, cities, colleges, and university campuses executing to greening libraries and lessening their environmental impact. The paper highlights the conditions of the green library, green library standards, needs, features, buildings, and green library initiatives in India. It also gives an overview of green library programs and courses in the present scenario. There are some environmental changes such as climate change and energy depletion by which it affects the information resources and the programs libraries provide to their users. The main aim of green buildings is to grow and use energy-efficient resources in maintenance, the construction which maintains the overall life of the library building. The paper concludes by saying that Libraries must respond to this increasing focus on the Green library Movement and take initiatives in making a library green.

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